In Vogue: This Season – II

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As promised I am back with “In Vogue: This Season – II”, this one is in continuation with “In Vogue: This Season – I”. All those you missed out on reading Part I, you may click on this link ( and give it a read. So let’s get on with the blog.

Denim Jackets: I spoke about the Denim on Denim trend in my last post; another one that has been creating huge wave is one of my favorite fashion staple the “Denim Jacket”. I could wear them all year round and still not get bored. The classic Jean Jacket is clearly becoming a rage that cannot be resisted or overlooked. Everyone from the glamorous starlets to the street style fixtures alike have been sported wearing them. Personally I feel it’s a trend that will never die as it keeps coming back year after year.

Denim Jackets

Overalls: Those who have been following my blog must have already read my blog post “Happy Overall” (click here to read I had mentioned how this is one trend that refuses to die and fade away easily from the runway. If you are bored with your jeans and skirts; overalls are an edgy alternative. They have become must have closet essentials for any and every season, and have certainly shown they are here to stay for long. Right from wide legged pair to shortalls to skinnies, Overalls are available for everyone and it totally works for all body types.


Culottes: Culottes, are gaining some major style momentum, they come in variations and are available in different cuts and styles. They also range in length from ankle-length to below the knee. Culottes are really easy to pull off, just pair it with a crop top and sneakers for a casual day out. Likewise add sparkle to your night outs with standout party tops and stilettos/pumps. “Remember the key to keep any look streamlined is all in the shoes”.


Plaid Shirts: Plaid Shirts have made a fashionable comeback, it is such an easy look to nail off in your everyday life. You can never go wrong with a simple plaid shirt, so be sure you are absolutely safe with this one. Strongly recommended for a relax day out with your pals or family members. Pair it with shorts and a white t shirt, Jeans, with a jacket or just simply tie it around your waist. This trend is the most comfortable of all and truly one of my go to wearable for a lazy day out.

Plaid Shirts

Co-ords & Separates: If you are in the habit of keeping up with what’s in vogue and what’s not, then you already know that one of the most worn fashion trends is Co-ordinates and Separates. The Co-ordinates & Separates have been doing the rounds for a while now and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Matching your outfits this season is the perfect way to accomplish effortlessly stylish look. It’s a perfect combination for work and even day to night looks. Go casual or glam, it will make you look sassy throughout. So get trendy and join the bandwagon.

Co Ordinates & Separates

Co Ordinates & Separates

Pompom: If you thought that Pompoms’ are only for cheerleaders, think again. Lately they are having a huge fashion moment; popping up on everything from bags to dresses to shoes. The playful embellishment is fun, colorful and cheerful trend for the season. It adds a dash of color to your outfit giving it a girlie twist. Also if you happen to be an ardent bohemian style follower, it gives you a carefree and bohemian like feel. So now that Pompom’s are officially in vogue let’s get them on board.




Stripes: They’re chic, youthful and sporty – no wonder stripes are everywhere and have stormed the runway in every possible style; be it vertical, horizontal or a mix of both. Frankly speaking stripes never go out of fashion, they just bounce back with new look and feel to it. From being unconventional to bold and swirly this one also needs a permanent fixture in your wardrobe. “Wear Stripes of every Stripe”, I read this somewhere and couldn’t agree more.


Style Tip of the Day: Fashion Trends do get difficult to follow at times; hence it is important to understand that at the end of the day you are your best judge. It’s your body and you know what suits you the best. Fashion is a changeable trend by its nature, hence never do it to make others happy. Your clothes should reflect your personality and uniqueness, following trend and wearing what’s in vogue is a good idea only if gives you self confidence and enhances your self esteem.

Style Mantra for the Day: “People will stare. Make it worth their while” – Harry Winston

I am ending this post but I still have a few more “In Vogue” fashion essentials to talk about. So I shall be back with the last and final part of “In Vogue: This Season – III” sooner than soon.

Until then Adios

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