Break the Monochrome

Hello People,
I’ve always thought blogging as not my cup of tea, it sounded terrifying to me initially, I, had this constant fear which was holding me back to take that first step, however in this process I realized, there is a first time for everything in Life, a lot can be learnt along the way, and like they say keep walking the difficult path until you perfect the art of perfection 🙂

Blogging does not come naturally to me but fashion and styling does, so why not merge them together and give it a shot after all ” Success comes to those who will and dare ” well enough of preaching for the day 😉 now let’s get reading.

Since this is my first post I’ve thought of talking on one of my most favorite look ” The Monochrome Look “, The first thing that comes to our mind when we say monochrome is Black & White, nothing wrong with it, most of us do live with this perception. The fact is Monochrome does mean an image in Black & White but it also means varying tones of only one color.

Monochrome has maintained a significant position in the fashion and style industry for decades now, what was originally considered as something for formal occasions, ( Men wearing them more often as formal wears in black & white combination ) has become a classic combination over the years, it is such a timeless combination. I am all for Black and White which you guys shall notice in my future blogs, they are my go to colors whenever I, have absolutely nothing to wear.

To most of us Black & White might sound a bit boring and too plain at times, I, personally love playing with the monochrome look and certainly feel there are many ways to Break the Monochrome by adding a burst of color to it, it can be in the form of shoes or just accessorizing it with a scarf, accessories, belt, handbags or even sunglasses for that matter. This trend can be a little tricky but if styled well you can kick your style quotient up a notch 🙂

Here are a few pointers on how to Break the Monochrome.

Break the Monochrome

I’ve decided to Break the Monochrome monotony and style my outfit for the day by adding a dash of red color to it.

Outfit : I picked this Black Skirt and White Top from a boutique in Bandra, Mumbai. The English Victorian look and feel of the outfit caught my attention instantly.

Shoes : To Break the Monochrome, I’ve paired it with Red Pumps from Koovs and Brick Red Color Bar Lipstick to enhance my look further.

Accessories : I’ve kept my look pretty simple and elegant, my red pumps already did the needful to my Break the Monochrome look, but you may certainly try accessorizing your monochrome outfit with a pop of color in your belt, handbag or Glares.

Style Tip for the Day : Apart from Red you may also try to add punk to your Black & White outfit with Leopard print heels, Fuchsia colored shoes or even Neon heels trust me they look sexy.

Style Mantra for the Day : Don’t shy away from pushing the limit ,do it with confidence, be comfortable in your own skin, it will only do magic.

If you happen to break the monochrome  style, do tag me in your pictures or share your look with me on my Instagram or Facebook Page. Wow, so finally am done with my first blog, thank you so much for reading and hope you liked it.

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Until next time Stay Happy 🙂 Stay Stylish



Picture Courtesy : Karen Lisa,

Location Courtesy : Dublin Square, Phoenix @Marketcity, Kurla

Break the Monochrome

Break the Monochrome



Break the Monochrome

Break the Monochrome

Break the Monochrome

Break the Monochrome


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