Best Dressed Men Celebrities: Festive Season

Best Dressed Men Celebrities: Festive Season

Diwali as we all know is the festival of lights but, what makes it more special apart from the gorgeous decorations, opulent parties, tempting sweets and mouth watering food is the beautiful traditional attire. Last post gave you an insight on how the celebrity divas brightened up the night in their glamorous ensembles. Today let’s … Read more…

Best Dressed Women Celebrities: Festive Season

Best Dressed Women Celebrities: Festive Season

Heya Lovelies, I hope you all had a great and safe Diwali. The festive season in India has always been full of glitz and glamour. Diwali is one such festival where every girl/woman wants to look her best to stand out from the rest. This year capes, pallazos, long kurtis, skirts and crop tops have … Read more…

Best Dressed Celebrities: September & October

Best Dressed

  Heya, Yeah blogging literally after ten days, been caught up with a lot lately. However no excuse is a good excuse, hence I promise to blog regularly hereon 🙂 So folks let’s get on with this post without wasting anytime further. Some of the celebrities make sure they don’t disappoint with their fashion and … Read more…

Best Dressed Celebrities in August: I

Best Dressed Celebrities August 2016

I have decided to add a new addition to my Blog, on the best dressed celebrities every week or month. I have been receiving a lot of requests; to feature some fashion and style segments for the opposite sex as well. Hence this new segment shall feature and focus not only on Women Celebrities but … Read more…

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