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In Vogue: This Season – I


Don’t we all dream of a killer wardrobe! We can’t deny how great it is to spot a trend that finds space in our closet and can be worn in everyday life. Today I have decided to bring you my picks of the fashion trends that have been redefined on the runway. So without wasting any time, let’s get started and take a look at what made them such favorites.

Crop Tops

Crop Tops: Crop Tops made a huge comeback and how! It has been in vogue since a couple of years now and I assure you it’s here to stay for few more years. Ever since designers launched it on the runways, crop tops have been ruling the roost. Celebrities have been flaunting their midriff not only on the red carpet but on and off camera too. It has hit the right chord and has been a favorite pick globally right from the designers, to “IT “girls to regular girls like us. If you dare to bare your midriff or even just a sliver of skin; by pairing it with high waist skirts, high rise jeans or pants then cropped top is definitely your thing, no matter what the occasion. Crop Tops are must have essentials for your closet this season. If you haven’t tried one yet, it’s about time you do it. It is not only easy to wear but also looks fresh, edgy, chic & versatile.

Crop Tops

Chokers: Chokers are having a major moment this season, thanks to the nostalgic resurgence from the ‘90s. Right from the celebs to the street style fashionistas, the new choker trend has been inspiring one and all. They are not only sexy but also flirty, quirky and fun to don. Chokers add an element of glam to any outfit. The craze has been escalating day by day, so why not join the league!


Shirt & T shirt Dresses: Shirt / T Shirt Dresses are all the rage this season. They are perfect not only for summers but also for casual outings, road trips or even beach holidays. I just can’t get enough of Shirt and T shirt dresses, how can I! They look gorgeous and are so comfy and chic at the same time. So what are we waiting for let’s get them like right now.

Shirt Dress

T Shirt Dress

White Sneakers: I love to hate white shoes at times, for the simple reason that they get dirty easily. However, I must admit that I have been hopelessly obsessed with my white sneakers since the “white sneakers” trend reigned supreme last year, and it looks like this trend is certainly not fading anytime soon.

White Sneakers

Metallic Sneakers: We all know that the sneakers trend has been in Vogue last year and all of this year too. Apart from the white sneakers, this season is also about rocking it in metallic hues; be it golden or silver just slip into a statement pair of metallic kicks to up your style quotient a notch higher.

Metallic Snearkers

Cold Shoulder & Off the Shoulder Dress/Tops: We’re totally digging the cold shoulder/off the shoulder style this season. The exposed collarbones are the new bare midriff and can look as sexy and stunning as you want it to be. This trend has won me over! It’s kind of hard not to fall in love with it. It’s the perfect way to show off some skin and pull it off with aplomb. Team it with jeans, shorts, skirt or simply wear a cold shoulder/off the shoulder dress to give the trend a go and do all the talking.

Cold Shoulder Dress

Denim on Denim Look: Denim’s are every girl’s wardrobe staple but, what excites me of late is the Denim on Denim Trend. Once considered as a major fashion faux pas, now this look can be sported literally on all the A-Listers, carrying it with ease and class. Try your hand at the denim on denim craze but do remember it’s a tricky trend and should be dressed up or down wisely. Avoid wearing a denim outfit with the same wash or weight. A proper balance and mixing is required to pull off the look, else you might end up looking too messy. If done well, you can rock the trend and look your stylish best.

Denim on Denim

Denim on Denim

So these are a few In Vogue staples that should be in your Closet this season. In a couple of days I shall bring you “In Vogue: This Season II”, and highlight a few more trendy, stylish and in vogue options.

Style Tip for the day: Follow trends only if you like them and if it fits your personal style. I follow trends but there are many trends I like on others, but I am not interested to try them myself. Everything in Vogue does not necessarily mean should be tried just because the whole world has been trying it. Fashion clicks when it appeals to you and connects with your way of styling. Like they say “Fashion is a reflection of what you want the world to see you as. The message you send depends solely on yourself”.

Style Mantra for the day: “Trendy is the Last Stage before Tacky” – Karl Lagerfeld

Do Stay Tuned for my next blog post “In Vogue: This Season II”.

Until then Stay Trendy Stay Stylish 🙂



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