In Vogue This Season III

In Vogue: This Season – III

As promised I am back with my last blog post on what’s “In Vogue: This Season”. If you missed out on reading the previous parts who may click on the link below to read: & . So let’s get started with the latest and last blog on what’s “In Vogue: This Season – III”.

The Patch Trend: One trend that is back from the 90’s is the patch trend; I simply adore and love it. I remember as a child, my mom ironed or sewed the patches onto my ripped jeans 🙂 and they looked so cool. I am so happy it’s in vogue once again this time not only on jeans, but you can also find some amazing patches on bags, shirts, jackets, shoes and dresses. The best part of this trend is you can easily buy patches of your choice from shops and create your own patched outfit or accessory. This trend is most definitely fun and quirky to don.

The Patch Trend

The Patch Trend

Distressed / Ripped Jeans: I personally believe distressed/ripped jeans never go out of fashion. In fact they are must have wardrobe staple on any given day. Be it skinny, cropped, mom or boyfriend jeans; distressed/ripped jeans was and shall always be a hot trend to follow. Could be easily worn all day and for a night out as well. They are comfortable and can be paired with shirts, t-shirts, crop tops, jackets, blazer, trench coat and so many other options; the more creative you are with it the better. It can be your ultimate dressed down casual wear or can be up styled into a smart and sassy wear. It’s definitely a look for every season from spring to summer to winter.

Distresses Ripped Jeans

Shimmer/Bling: Sparkle and Shine this season with blingy and sequin outfits as they are officially back in vogue. It’s a trend that has been creating buzz not only here in India but, internationally too. It’s a perfect trend to welcome the upcoming party/festive season with a bang. It adds glitz and glamour to any outfit. What we should remember is not to get carried away, instead find a perfect balance to pull it off with aplomb and sophistication. I’m a self proclaimed bling girl, but I do make sure that I don’t get overboard. The trick is to carry it off with oodles of confidence. I strongly recommend trying your hands on this trend and shine on to light up the night.

Shimmer Bling

Shimmer and Bling

Ruffles Top / Dress: Ruffles are in a league of its own, whether they be; on your dress, arms, or your neck, your style is sure to be on point. They are modern and feminine at the same time. For the frills and the girly look and feel of it, ruffles top/ dresses are a definite fashion ‘Do’ this season. The dramatic folds, cleverly placed ruffles and the feminine touch all adds to the style in a glam way. No wonder they are one of the biggest fashion trends this season.



Slip Dress: Yes it does look like a nightdress/ nightgown, but wearing a slip dress is officially a popular trend this year. It is a lingerie inspired trend and it can certainly make you a little uncomfortable if you are not familiar with the right tips and tricks of styling the slip dress. If you get the correct trick it is indeed a sexy trend to follow. This style has made a serious comeback since its heyday in the late “90s: and has been a celebrity certified trend this season. Looks like the nineties are having yet another moment with this new wave of slip dresses that are available in different colors, pattern and versatile designs. Team it with a t-shirt, layer it with a jacket or just worn alone, it doesn’t require much effort; all you need is confidence to pull it off like a star.

Slip Dresses

Slip Dresses

So people, with this I conclude my last part of “In Vogue – This Season”. I did try to cover as much as possible, just in case I missed out on any of the latest trends, you can always comment below or write to me on Also, I shall be coming up soon with a few blogs on some of the styles I wrote about in all the three parts. I will style them personally for you, if you want me to write a blog on any of your favorite trend from all the three parts please do comment below and let me know. You can also email me and I shall be happy to oblige.

Style Mantra for the Day: Don’t try to follow trends if you are not convinced with them, try to create a new style with the same trend 🙂

Stay Unique Stay Stylish

Love always


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